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In a world that operates on billions of digits every day, humans are too slow and inattentive. To adapt, we must automate the processing of millions of complex transactions on a daily basis, at speeds fast enough to satisfy impatient digital users. This adaption requires a massive level of digital transformation that can support operations, business processes and decision-making speeds faster than is humanly possible. Historically, digital technologies get faster, cheaper, more powerful and smaller every couple of years. We humans, however, don't. We operate in human time, a biological cadence influenced by the physical environment, our well-documented physical, mental and emotional limitations, and the universe that we live in. As digital interactions proliferate, so also does the volume of real-time data and required analysis. Most people are already at their lim... (more)

[session] Wizard of IoT | @ThingsExpo @GridConnect #IoT #IIoT #M2M #API

HomeKit, Brillo, Alljoyn...Oh My! Seeking the Wizard of IoT Things are changing so quickly in IoT that it would take a wizard to predict which ecosystem will gain the most traction. In order for IoT to reach its potential, smart devices must be able to work together. Today, there are a slew of interoperability standards being promoted by big names to make this happen: HomeKit, Brillo and Alljoyn. In his session at @ThingsExpo, Adam Justice, vice president and general manager of Grid Connect, will review what happens when smart devices don't work together, and will look at each standard in detail, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. He will also look at whether standards can co-exist, and what it would take to make this happen. Speaker Bio Adam Justice is vice president and general manager of Grid Connect, a manufacturer and distributor of networking products and ... (more)

[slides] Uberizing Smart Cities | @ThingsExpo @CityzenData #IoT #IIoT #M2M

Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Uberizing Smart Cities Smart Cities are here to stay, but for their promise to be delivered, the data they produce must not be put in new siloes. Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here In his session at @ThingsExpo, Mathias Herberts, Co-founder and CTO of Cityzen Data, discussed the best practices that will ensure a successful smart city journey. Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Speaker Bio A Google alum, Mathias Herberts is Co-founder and CTO of Cityzen Data. He founded Cityzen Data in 2013 to build open source scalable IoT solutions. He is recognized as pioneering Big Data in France as early as 2009. Internet [email protected], taking place June 6-8, 2017 at Javits Center, New York City, is co-located with 20th [email protected] and will feature technical sessions from a rock star conference faculty and the leading ... (more)

Which #Serverless Platform? | @CloudExpo @LinuxAcademyCOM #DevOps

Serverless - The Next Major Shift in Cloud Computing In 2014, Amazon announced a new form of compute called Lambda. We didn't know it at the time, but this represented a fundamental shift in what we expect from cloud computing. Now, all of the major cloud computing vendors want to take part in this disruptive technology. In his session at 20th Cloud Expo, John Jelinek IV, an instructor at Linux Academy, will discuss why major players like AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, and Google Cloud Platform are all trying to sidestep VMs and containers with heavy investments in serverless computing, when most of the industry has its eyes on Docker and containers. Speaker Bio John Jelinek IV has been a web developer for more than half of his life on this planet. He is also super passionate about software freedom and the communities that form around open source software. You'l... (more)

[slides] Embedded Intelligence | @ThingsExpo @TegoInc #IoT #AI #IIoT #M2M

Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Be Smart or Lose: The Power of Embedded Intelligence to Enrich the IoT In the next five to ten years, millions, if not billions of things will become smarter. This smartness goes beyond connected things in our homes like the fridge, thermostat and fancy lighting, and into heavily regulated industries including aerospace, pharmaceutical/medical devices and energy. "Smartness" will embed itself within individual products that are part of our daily lives. We will engage with smart products - learning from them, informing them, and communicating with them. Smart products will accumulate information and data wherever they go and will be able to recount this information on command when needed. Products, components and assets will be able to relay information that tells a story. These storylines will focus on critic... (more)

IoT Agility | @ThingsExpo @Nfrastructure #IoT #M2M #IoE #AI #BigData

Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Achieving Speed and Agility in the Internet of Everything The emerging Internet of Everything creates tremendous new opportunities for customer engagement and business model innovation. However, enterprises must overcome a number of critical challenges to bring these new solutions to market. Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here In his session at @ThingsExpo, Michael Martin, CTO/CIO at nfrastructure, outlined these key challenges and recommended approaches for overcoming them to achieve speed and agility in the design, development and implementation of Internet of Everything solutions within your organization. Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Speaker Bio Michael Martin is CTO/CIO at nfrastructure, a leading provider of enterprise technology services and solutions. With fifteen years of industry experience, he specializes... (more)

[session] Big Data in IoT | @ThingsExpo @Ocean9inc #IoT #M2M #AI #BigData

The ‘Known Unknown' of Big Data in IoT: How Big Will Your Data Grow and By When? IoT is at the core or many Digital Transformation initiatives with the goal of re-inventing a company's business model. We all agree that collecting relevant IoT data will result in massive amounts of data needing to be stored. However, with the rapid development of IoT devices and ongoing business model transformation, we are not able to predict the volume and growth of IoT data. And with the lack of IoT history, traditional methods of IT and infrastructure planning based on the past do not apply either. In his session at @ThingsExpo, Swen Conrad, CEO of Ocean9, Inc., will discuss key cloud concepts and how they enable your successful IoT initiative providing flexibility and elasticity to your IT infrastructure in a highly secure fashion. Join this presentation to understand how the t... (more)

Testing #WebRTC Services | @CloudExpo @Tsahil #Telecom #ML #RTC #UCaaS

Overcoming the Challenges in Testing WebRTC Services WebRTC sits at the intersection between VoIP and the Web. As such, it poses some interesting challenges for those developing services on top of it, but also for those who need to test and monitor these services. In his session at WebRTC Summit, Tsahi Levent-Levi, co-founder of testRTC, reviewed the various challenges posed by WebRTC when it comes to testing and monitoring and on ways to overcome them. Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Speaker Bio Tsahi Levent-Levi is co-founder of testRTC, a WebRTC testing and monitoring company, as well as an independent analyst and consultant for WebRTC. Tsahi Levent-Levi has over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications, VoIP and 3G industry as an engineer, manager, marketer and CTO. He is an entrepreneur, independent analyst and consultant, assisting companies to form a bri... (more)

Update on the Megatrend of Artificial Intelligence | @CloudExpo #AI #IoT #M2M #Cloud

There are seven key megatrends driving the future of enterprise IT. You can remember them all with the helpful mnemonic acronym CAMBRIC, which stands for Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Big Data, Robotics, Internet of Things, CyberSecurity. In this post we dive deeper into Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the discipline of thinking machines. The field is growing dramatically with the proliferation of high powered computers into homes and businesses and especially with the growing power of smartphones and other mobile devices. Artificial intelligence software is assisting people in most every discipline. The many functions of AI are considered by many to be threatening many human jobs across multiple industries, but others consider it a great producer of jobs since it will help create entirely new industries and free more humans... (more)

CFP @ThingsExpo Opens | #BigData #IoT #SDN #AI #ML #DevOps #FinTech

Internet of @ThingsExpo, taking place June 6-8, 2017at Javits Center, New York City, is co-located with the 20th International @CloudExpo and will feature technical sessions from a rock star conference faculty and the leading industry players in the world. @ThingsExpo New York Call for Papers is now open. @CloudExpo / @ThingsExpo 2017 New York  (June 6-8, 2017, Javits Center, Manhattan) @CloudExpo / @ThingsExpo 2017 Silicon Valley (October 31 - November 2, 2017, Santa Clara Convention Center, CA) The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most profound change in personal and enterprise IT since the creation of the Worldwide Web more than 20 years ago. All major researchers estimate there will be tens of billions devices - computers, smartphones, tablets, and sensors - connected to the Internet by 2020. This number will continue to grow at a rapid pace for the next several ... (more)

[slides] #IoT - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly | @ThingsExpo #M2M #BigData

Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here IoT - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Technology vendors and analysts are eager to paint a rosy picture of how wonderful IoT is and why your deployment will be great with the use of their products and services. While it is easy to showcase successful IoT solutions, identifying IoT systems that missed the mark or failed can often provide more in the way of key lessons learned. Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here In his session at @ThingsExpo, Peter Vanderminden, Principal Industry Analyst for IoT & Digital Supply Chain to Flatiron Strategies, focused on how IoT deployments can go bad, and in some cases downright ugly, when firms focus on the wrong things and fail to be transparent with their customers concerning data ownership and usage surveillance. Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Speaker Bio Peter Vanderminden is a wi... (more)